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Supporting chemical gypsum ball forming  equipment and heating system
【Product name】Supporting chemical gypsum ball forming equipment and heating system
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Technology introduction

  Chemical gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is waste discharged during industrial production and environmental governance. It can be used in preparing cement retarder, gypsum board, new type wall plasterer material and other building materials after processing.

Technical features

  (1)High output, low energy consumption, all process complete in one time;
  (2)Product's coagulation time, strength and other quality indicators can meet the national standards;
  (3)Simple process, continuous automatic production; no pollution, no dust leakage;
  (4)Low cost.

Performance and parameters
Technical parameters 100,000 ton production line 200,000 ton production line 300,000 ton production line Notes
Gypsum ball output 100,000 tons/year 200,000 tons/year 300,000 tons/year  
Gypsum raw material consumption 130,000 tons/year 260,000 tons/year 390,000 tons/year Containing 20% of natural water
Raw coal consumption 5,200 tons/year 10,400 tons/year 15,400 tons/year Lower heating value 5000kcal/kg
Installed gross capacity 296kw 410Kw 500kw  
Production personnel allocation 53 70 78 Three-shift and 24-hour production
Floor area 4000m2 6000m2 8000m2  
Water consumption 5,000 tons/year 10,000 tons/year 15,000 tons/year