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Matched to gypsum board production and heating system
【Product name】Matched to gypsum board production and heating system
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Technology introduction

  Gypsum board is increasingly popular in the market as light and environmentally-friendly building material.

Technical features

  1.Its integrated thermal efficiency is as high as 80% for using fluidized bed combustion technique and reasonable waste heat recovery technique;
  2.Wide combustion adaptability, burnout rate is above 99%;
  3.Simple process, continuous automatic production, and new-model bag-type dust collector;
  4.High degree of automation, only 2-3 people are required to maintain production in blast stove part;
  5.Long maintenance cycle, less production supplies, high operating rate, and low production cost.

Performance and parameters
Technical parameters 10,000,000 m2 production line 20,000,000 m2 production line 350,000,000 m2 production line 50,000,000 m2 production line
Hot-blast stove model ZDKR600 ZDKR1200 ZDKR1600 ZDKR2600
Coal consumption (standard coal) 1116kg/h 2232kg/h 2976kg/h 4836kg/h
Installed gross capacity 165kw 278w 369kw 524kw
Integrated thermal efficiency >80% >80% >80% >80%
Production personnel allocation 2 person/shift 2 person/shift 2 person/shift 2 person/shift