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Fertilizer (filter mud) drying line
【Product name】Fertilizer (filter mud) drying line
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Technology introduction

  Filter mud can be used in preparing organic biological fertilizer or as base fertilizer of sugarcane, coke, fruit tree, melon, grain and oil, vegetable, tea, flower, potato, tobacco and forage after biological fermentation technology.

Performance and features

  1.Using boiling furnace as heat source, high thermal efficiency and stable moisture of discharge material;
  2.Using spiral plate feed method, no blocking, sticky and reverting materials;
  3.Dryer adopts multi-angle combined lifting blade to ensure high energy-saving benefit;
  4.Small systemic resistance and good sealing performance.

Performance and parameters
Processing capacity t/h Moisture of charging material % Moisture of discharge material% Specifications m Installed power kw Notes
10~15t/h 30-35 3-7 Φ1.5×14m 15 With anti-adhesive chain
20~25t/h 30-35 3-7 Φ2×16m 22
30~40t/h 30-35 3-7 Φ2.4×18m 30
50~60t/h 30-35 3-7 Φ3×20m 55
70~80t/h 30-35 3-7 Φ3.2×25m 90