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Coal drying line
【Product name】Coal drying line
【Product appearance】Big Img
Technology introduction

  Coke and semi-coke are indispensable industrial raw materials in smelting link. The moisture content of them is generally less than 2% before entering into airtight furnace. Our carbon drying line solves problems line unstable moisture of discharge material, high damage rate, etc.

Performance and features

  The company has improved technologies as follows:
  1. Adopting smart thermal control system to ensure stable heat supply;
  2. Unique partitioned lifting structure cna effectively reduce the damage rate;
  3. Hot air duct is equipped with emergency discharge device;
  4. Small systemic resistance, good sealing performance, low dust content of fly ash.

Performance and parameters
Processing capacity t/h Moisture of charging material % Moisture of discharge material% Specifications m Installed power kw Notes
8~10 <18 <2 Φ2×14 22 With breakage-proof grille
10~15 <18 <2 Φ2.2×18 30
20~25 <18 <2 Φ2.4×20 45
30~35 <18 <2 Φ3×25 55
40~45 <18 <2 Φ3.2×28 90