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Coal slime and lignite dryign line
【Product name】Coal slime and lignite dryign line
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Technology introduction

  Coal slime refers to semi-solid formed by water-containing coal dust. After drying treatment, coal slime can be used in following aspects:
  1. In industrial boiler and residents life as raw material processing coal slime;
  2. As fuel of power plant and foundry industry to increase fuel availability, reduce production cost, and increase economic benefit;
  3. As brickyard additive to increase hardness and compressive strength of brick;
  4. Coal slime with some specific components can be used as chemical raw material.

Performance and parameters
Processing capacity T/D Moisture of charging material % Moisture of discharge material% Specifications m Installed power kw Notes
500 30-35 18-20 Φ2.2×22 55 Different moisture contents of raw coal
700 30-35 18-20 Φ2.5×25 75
1000 30-35 18-20 Φ2.8×30 90
1500 30-35 18-20 Φ3.4×32 110
2000 30-35 18-20 Φ4.0×36 160