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Ore concentrate drying line
【Product name】Ore concentrate drying line
【Product appearance】Big Img
Technology introduction

  Quality stability of iron ore concentrate determines the quality of fresh pellets and pellets during oxidized pellet production.

  The company has undertook projects including 5 million tons of pellets of Wuhan Iron and Steel , 5 million tons of pellets of Baosteel Zhanjiang Longteng Logistics, 3 million tons x2 of Jiangdu Taifu, 1.2 million tons of x2 of BMM, etc.

Performance and parameters
Processing capacity t/h Moisture of charging material % Moisture of discharge material% Specifications m Installed power kw Notes
10~15t/h <12 <7 Φ2.2×14m 55 Different moisture and specific gravity of drying materials
Parameters are for reference only
20~25t/h <12 <7 Φ2.4×18m 75
30~40t/h <12 <7 Φ3×20m 132
50~60t/h <12 <7 Φ3.6×25m 315
70~80t/h <12 <7 Φ4.3×28m 800