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Boiling furnace for coal milling and drying ZDFR-M
【Product name】Boiling furnace for coal milling and drying ZDFR-M
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Technology introduction
  Our ZDFR-M coal mill drying boiling furnace is widely used in metallurgy, building material, chemical, mine, and other industries.
Performance and features

  1)Wide coal flexibility;
  2)Low ignition temperature;
  3)High combustion efficiency;
  4)High section heat intensity, high heat-transfer capability, low furnace volume and steel consumption.
  5)Unique grating gas-solid separation device can ensure system security;
  6)Exit temperature is adjustable, has emergency emptying device;
  7)Easy ignition;
  8)Mechanical-electrical integration, thermal control and smart design, low labour intensity.

Performance parameters
Machine hour and output Moisture of charging material Moisture of discharge material Mill air temperature Model Installed power
8-10t/h <15% <0.5% <350℃ ZDFR2M 21.8kw
15-20t/h <15% <0.5% <350℃ ZDFR3M 25.3kw
25-30t/h <15% <0.5% <350℃ ZDFR5M 40.3kw
40-50t/h <15% <0.5% <350℃ ZDFR8M 79.4kw
50-60t/h <15% <0.5% <350℃ ZDFR10M 94.4kw