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ZDFR-S fluidized bed coal hot
Fluidized bed coal hot air furnace (boiling furnace) is widely used in industrial furnace for features like relatively high speed
Slag vertical grinding support
With the technological innovation of modern industrial production of cement, vertical mill integrating crushing, grinding, dryng,
Boiling furnace for coal milli
Our ZDFR-M coal mill drying boiling furnace is widely used in metallurgy, building material, chemical, mine, and other industries.
Two-stage separate clean fluid...
The furnace (patent number ZL2013 2 0791076.1) is widely used in production lines with special requirements on fly ash content and
Heat transfer hot air stove ZD
This coal-fired furnace air (patent number: ZL201320790774X) has features like high thermal efficiency, stable heat supply, high d
Large two-bed two-arch boiling
The furnace is China's leading product (patent No.: ZL201020195964.3) and it is widely used in gypsum board, ore concentrate and o
Oil hot air furnace ZDYR
Oil hot air furnace is widely used in cement, chemical, metallurgy and other industries for providing heat source to preheating, d
Sarm air gas furnace ZDQR
Gas-fired hot air furnace uses natural gas, blast-furnace gas, coke oven gas, generator gas, and submerged arc furnace as fuel gas

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